Question on the best way to organize media in FCPX 10.1

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So, now that Final Cut Pro supports combined Events/Projects, I'm wondering if I've been organizing my stuff in the most efficient way. I'd love to get some feedback from some of you handling large libraries in how you manage yours.

First, a little background on what I have. My company produces a set of 78 training videos, originally shot in SD, but increasingly replaced with HD footage. We update each of them on a routine basis with updated footage, additional content, etc., so at no point is any of them really ready to be archived and shut away in a closed archive library.

Up to this point, I've had one Event for the old SD footage that we started from, another event for Updated Footage that we've shot in HD (which has grown quite large--but I want all of it in one Event so that I can have a common set of Keywords that are vital to keeping me organized), and another event for Common items such as company logos and the like.

As I'm starting the process of converting my projects to 10.1, it seems almost as if it's duplicating media, one to be in the event where the video project is, and one in the Updated Footage event. (I should add that I'm unsure if it's a true separate copy, or if it's referencing the media in the Updated Footage event).

I'm wondering if for my case it would be most efficient if I had ONE event for the original SD footage, all of our updated HD footage, the common items such as company logos, and finally all 78 of our projects?

Unfortunately, it would be difficult to associate specific clips with specific titles, since many of the clips we shoot relate across many videos.

Is there anyone out there that has a similar set of circumstances? How do you manage your media? I should add that Final Cut pre 10.1 has been obscenely slow in loading the project library, I have no idea how it'll be with the new system.

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